By Clearing your Space you also Clear your Mind

                Villia de Koningh

   Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner

Space Clearing, Energy Balancing Sell your home fast House Blessings

I have been practicing the ancient art of Space Clearing & Art of Placement to enhance the flow of positive Chi, in living and working spaces for more than 20 years.


Clients are always amazed by the instant, and continued positive results, they experience in the flow in their life and the feel of there space following a Space Clearing.


House Blessings releases the energy of previous occupants and resets the energy of the home, to be aligned in harmony with the energy of the those who live there.


Over the years I have cleared many different spaces, from hard to sell Houses, to Stunning House Boats all with exceptional results.


My track record of selling houses is on average six weeks following an Elemental Space Clearing®


Business and Restaurants all experienced an increase in foot fall and turnover following a Space Clearing, Work Spaces and offices benefited from an increased work productivity, allowing inspiration will flow freely..   

Elemental Space Clearing® is Modern Day Alchemy it works every time

If you to would like to make a positive change in the flow in your space,

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