What is Elemental Space Clearing

September 2, 2016

What Space Clearing Brings to Mind


The term ‘Space Clearing’ conjures up many images for people… clutter clearing, smudging, ceremony, blessings, and even ghost busting.  All are correct and it’s still much more.  LuAnn Cibik explains how Space Clearing is nothing new and how it has been a practiced technique to clear and reset the energy of a home or a sacred place throughout human history.



In our modern world, many think that smudging with white sage or drumming or ringing a bell is what defines a ‘space clearing’. In actuality, these can be a part of a space clearing, however, the rich variety of methods and the reason to choose certain tools, blessings, or even the timing for a space clearing are as varied as the reasons to have one.

Native American would cleanse and clear the energy every time a space was going to be used for a different purpose, such as before a gathering of people, and then again after the gathering to create an energy for the family.  Most people plan a space clearing when purchasing a new home, however it is also great for releasing the house you have for sale to allow it to sell more quickly.  A Space Clearing can be a huge asset anytime there is a change that you wish to honor in your life.  Perhaps you have felt stuck or stagnant lately – this could be because the energy in your home is also stuck or stagnant, and a clearing will move that energy and bring a sense of fresh starts to your life.  If you have suffered a loss, an illness or conversely even a joyful new event in life (like a new baby or marriage), you want to schedule a space clearing to release old emotional patterns of energy and to acknowledge your new life intentions.  Maybe you love to collect antiques; a clearing of those objects and the rooms that hold them could shift any stagnant energy were left behind in them.

Space Clearing is especially useful if you are experiencing emotions that you don’t understand their source!   Feel like there is a ghost or spirit present?  There are actually many paranormal experiences that are not ghosts or spirits, and in any case, professional space clearers work with these energies and patterns to release them.


Professional Space Clearers are trained to deal with dense and heavy energy that could be in a space; however, everyone can practice techniques that help to clear and uplift energy on a daily or weekly basis.  Here are a few ideas you can use to uplift and re-energize your home:

  1. Clear clutter. Clutter blocks energy from being able to move.  Items that are no longer used or loved can also be holding a negative energy, and it will ‘feel’ better when they are gone.

  2. Clean with natural products and essential oils to bring a higher vibration to your space.  It will feel better as you use them!  When cleaning, hold a positive affirmation in your mind, such as ‘I love my home, and my home loves me.’  See what a difference it makes in the space.

  3. Open the windows, and allow chi and air and sunlight to circulate.

  4. Create a home altar for a place of daily gratitude.  This brings a sense of the sacred into your home.

  5. Use good ‘feng shui’ in your space, through the position of furniture and other objects that help remedy situations of where energy can get stuck in your home.

  6. Use Salt Lamps in your space to help clear energy and also add negative ionization.

  7. Include sound enhancements. Sound is a powerful way to clear and change the energy of a space.  Use the power of your stereo to bring natural sounds into your home, or uplifting music to bring a positive vibration into your space. Chanting, toning, sounds of singing bowls, all make a remarkable difference in the energy of your home.

Here’s to a good Space Clearing in your home!

LuAnn Cibik is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment®.  She is an active member of the Foundation Council for Interior Alignment®, and former member of the IFSG Board.  



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