By Clearing your Space you also Clear your Mind


Using ancient techniques I clear any space of old stagnant energy and replace it with fresh, vibrant energy, setting fresh intentions to bring balance and harmony to


After your space has been cleaned, you may notice that objects seem to sparkle, colors seem brighter, sounds are clearer and rooms seem to take on an internal glow.


This is the result of successfully clearing out stale, stagnant and negative energy. 

You perceive something, that before now you might not have thought possible.


After the Space Clearing, I align the occupants with the fresh energy in the space


Distance Space Clearing is also an option

Since ancient times people have blessed a new home before moving in, ensuring the health and happiness of the occupants, and fresh sparkling energy throughout.

Before you move into a new home, it is important to clear the home of residual energy left by the former occupants and set fresh new intentions that reflect you, and your desires of growth within your new home.


Blessing your home is a wonderful way to begin your time spent there.


I also offer advice on, Art of Placement, for furniture placement and color schemes, to ensure continued positive Chi energy flow.

Do you feel overwhelmed with your life? Do you feel you are drowning in stuff?


Need more SPACE?  too much stuff...too little space? Don't know where to start? 


Help is at Hand...  Call in the Clutter Buster...


The Art of De-cluttering is not about some persistent struggle against mess.

It’s about finding balance, transforming chaos to calm, and making peace.


Working together we create the opportunity for you to release all the things you know longer need. By d-cluttering your create the opportunity for the Universe to fill it with something better.


When you have something that you never use, by selling or giving it to someone who will make use of it, will really brighten your day.


Space clearing is an excellent way to prepare your home for Sale.


When the energy is shifted and cleared, it makes way for fresh energy to enter the cleared space.

This has a subconscious yet tangible effect on people who the subsequently view the home.


A space clearing home that is for sale, draws the right buyer to your door every time.


Most homes I have cleared have sold, 6 weeks following the space clearing.


If you are having trouble selling your place, then perhaps a space clearing will be just the thing you need.

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