By Clearing your Space you also Clear your Mind

Modern Day Alchemy... What it is and Why it Works

Modern Day Alchemy... What it is and Why it Works


Have you ever noticed how some spaces are filled with a sense of peace and calm, while others make you feel uneasy, sad, or anxious to leave?


This is because spaces become saturated with the residual energy of everything that happened there.


Space Clearing your living or working environment of all chaotic, negative, and stale energy will result not only in an immediate and noticeable space but also in an increased sense of well-being for all of its occupants.trans-formation of the "feel" of your


Elemental Space Clearing® is a simple technique that effectively cleanses any space of this energy residue, resulting in a fresh, vibrant, and healthy space.


When you clear your space you are also clearing the energy that surrounds you creating a real sense of peace, focus and joy.

When Space Clearing Is Most Effective


  • Before you move into a New Home

  • When you want to sell your Home

  • After a major Life Change

  • After illness or loss

  • Birth of a Baby

  • "Once a Year" Spring Clean